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The Research of Sea

Research at the Aquarium

The experimental scientific research is an important element of the function of the Aquarium of Crete. Modern infrastructure offers us the opportunity to observe the cycle of life and the behaviour of the animals that are accommodated. The cameras you may have observed on the outer of some particular tanks serve the same purpose.  However, research continues to take place behind the scenes of the Aquarium, where the preservation quarantines are located.

We pay particular emphasis at researching foreign species, those known as "lessepsian migrants”, that are influenced by the tropical food chains. We put great effort to the research and care of endangered and protected species such as sea turtles, marine mammals as well as invertebrates.

In collaboration with local agencies and environmental organisations, we take on the responsibility of caring for wounded or sick animals that are set free to their natural habitat after their treatment is complete.

Our research is performed in collaboration with the Aqualabs, the scientific facilities of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research that is the largest facility for marine experimental tanks in the Mediterranean.