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Aqua Shop


«Octopus», a place for everyone!

The CRETAquarium gift-shop is placed indoors on the ground-floor and it is there to offer its visitors gifts and souvenirs which will complete their visiting experience. It’s name is «Octopus» and it addresses visitors of all ages. With the octopus as a protagonist, a model of intelligence, friendliness and subtle manners, our shop aspires to become a PLACE accessible to all, locals and non-locals, young and elderly, men and women, a place that will be able to embrace both all visitors’ and passers’-by wishes.

In the shop one can find ornaments and souvenirs inspired by images of the Aquarium and the marine world in general as well as toiletries and personal care items aimed at adults. Besides, our little friends can choose amongst a rich collection of toys and constructions of special inspiration and aesthetics. It is worth noting that all the products for sale have been carefully selected by specialized staff of CRETAquarium and most of them derive from local producers aiming at further stimulating of the local economy.

There are two ways to access «Octopus». The first is located in the foyer of the ground floor and does not require a ticket, while the second entrance is at the end of the route within the Aquarium for which a ticket purchase is necessary.

The store remains open on a daily basis during the hours of operation of CRETAquarium.

Aquarium members are given a 15% discount on each purchase, when showing the relevant membership card (the membership card can be obtained from the reception of the Aquarium after applying for it).