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Guided Tour

Take a tour around the areas of the Aquarium

Each tank of CretAquarium bears labels with hosted species’ names printed in nine languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech). 

Additionally, during your tour around the corridors of the aquarium, touch screens offer visitors more information enriching their knowledge on the Mediterranean Sea.

For all those interested in getting to know more about the organisms hosted by CretAquarium, to learn more about its operation and the ecology of the marine environment, the following tour options are offered.

Audio Guide Devices

The audio tour (headphones) of CretAquarium is the ideal company during your visit.

Small, user-friendly devices with recorded explanations, comments and analytical information provide visitors the change to learn at their own pace and according to their preferences

The audio tour (headphones) is offered in nine languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech). 

Cost: 3€

Tour with personal guide

Discover the Aquarium without missing a thing! Upon request there is a possibility of a guided tour performed by an especially trained staff member of the Aquarium.  The duration of the guided tour is 1 hour and is offered in Greek or/and English.

To book and obtain more information, please call +30 2810-337888
Cost: 100€ plus the ticket price




Tour to Behind the Scenes of CretAquarium

Sixty tanks, containing more than 2,000 marine organisms and…countless questions! How are fish and sharks fed? Where does the water of the tanks come from? How do animals reproduce? How are sea-turtles cared for?

If your love and curiosity about the sea world of the Mediterranean is not fulfilled after the tour around the tanks of CretAquarium, you may visit behind the scenes in an unseen side of the Aquarium where its daily operations take place.  

This is a special tour during which you can experience the technology that supports the Thalassokosmos operations, such as the preparation of feeding of the animals and tanks safety checks.

You will also see the quarantines:  namely the areas where new animals are adapted before being placed in tanks, where sick animals are cared for, and where the reproduction and growth of certain organisms takes place.

Our specially trained CretAquarium staff will be there to answer all of your questions!

To book and obtain more information, please call +30 2810-337888
Cost: 150€ plus the ticket price
Accompanied children: Entrance fee, no extra charge




Special tour for "small explorers”

An experiential and playful tour especially tailored for a group of small children.

Armed with a lot of imagination and enhanced feeling of exploring, children explore the Aquarium in a journey to the unique underwater world of the Mediterranean and enjoy learning about the marine environment and the animals that live in it.

The tour takes about 1 hour.
To book and obtain more information, please call +30  2810-337888.
Cost: 100€




A webcam journey to the marine world of the Mediterranean and CretAquarium: A new option for those friends located in remote areas of the country or abroad. Schools, institutions, retiring homes, expatriate societies etc.

enjoy a live online tour, where their questions are interactively resolved as they would if it was a tour at the premises.

Technology bridges distances and CretAquarium succeeds in its social role in practice.  The e-tours take place exclusively upon request.

To book and obtain more information, please call +30 2810-337888
Cost: 50€